Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I choose the perfect destination for my wedding or honeymoon?
    One of our Vision Travel Romance Specialists have the experience necessary to help you choose the right destination to fit your budget and criteria. We'll assist you every step of the way to create the perfect Dream Wedding or honeymoon.

  2. How does a group wedding work? Where do I even start?
    Our consultants will discuss your approximate numbers with you, and the gateways involved. A group starts with just 10 people normally travelling together from the same gateway to start and others from across the country may wish to join. Most couples will start off with a bigger list, however once travel costs are presented to family and friends not everyone will be able to afford to go. We suggest only putting the min deposit down for 10 people. Your deposit can apply towards your own final balance, should you fall under 10 people you would no longer qualify for a group and regular rates would apply. We also suggest creating a booking deadline - normally 2 or 3 weeks from the day you put down a deposit as this should give you enough time to send out your invitations. As your guests call in to book we take their deposit and can hold extra seats as required.

  3. What tour companies are the best to use?
    We have special relationships with most major tour operators. We will work with the supplier that offers the most benefits to your group, along with the best rate at the time of booking. Not all the tour operators will have the same property you may choose to go with.

  4. How far in advance should I be booking my Destination Wedding or Honeymoon?
    Most tour operators will be able to pre-register groups or have rates available up to a year in advance. It's important to know that booking well enough in advance will help you guarantee more popular resorts, however this does not always guarantee the best rate available. When you book in advance it will be to secure your space, once official rates come out with other bonuses we do our best to make sure your group is still getting the best price. We suggest booking your destination wedding 6-9 months in advance as official rates and early booking bonuses are available. Any country or area that offers limited service or space can be booked earlier to secure the availability. Brochures for the winter season come out between Jul-Sep, and the summer season for May-Oct is available to book normally in January of that year.

  5. Is my Destination Wedding legal?
    In most cases destination weddings are legal considering the right paperwork is provided and you choose the right ceremony for your wedding. Religious ceremonies in Spanish speaking countries are not considered legal, and civil ceremonies are almost always legal everywhere. Some translations may be required, and waiting periods of 3-6 months for legal paperwork to be sent back to Canada should be expected. The easiest way to bypass most paperwork and the most recent trend that we have noticed is that clients are now getting legally married by a civil service in Canada first and not telling some family and friends as they don't want to spoil their Destination Wedding. Please contact your local Registry office for a list of JP services available.

  6. What documents are required?
    Passports are almost mandatory now for almost every country and should be valid up to a min of 6 months from departure date. Other documentation required will most likely be original birth certificates, divorce decrees, witness statements and so on. We highly recommend you contact the local consulate of the country you are visiting or getting married at. Further translations for legal ceremonies may be required.

  7. Why should I book my Destination Wedding or Honeymoon with Vision Travel Travel?
    We have designated specialists that continuously book wedding groups & honeymoons. From moderate to luxury we have the experience necessary through our own travels, site inspections and client feedback to make sure you are making the right choices for your special occasion.



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