Imagine Your Ocean State of Mind with Explora Journeys

Open yourself even further to the power of your own imagination. To discover your Ocean State of Mind. To realize that you have infinite potential. 

The ability to imagine, to dream up, to conjure in one’s thoughts, is central to Explora's existence. To even try to consider where we would be without imagination is, well, unimaginable. 


From the time when our founders initially envisioned Explora Journeys, the power of imagination has been central to our brand. Not only did imagination fuel their creation of a new approach to luxury cruises, it also became central to our business: we asked travel advisors, and then travellers, to imagine an experience unlike any other luxury experience at sea.


One that would weave the gold thread of European luxury through transformative moments. 


One where space, choice, privacy, design and sustainability were central. One where a mindset of openness would foster what we call the Ocean State of Mind. 


Last year, EXPLORA I set sail for the first time, marking the transition from dream to reality. Now, travellers are experiencing firsthand how our ocean journeys inspire them to travel further, immerse deeper and linger a little longer – and, perhaps, to imagine more wildly. 


Travellers who have already spent time on EXPLORA I are discovering firsthand the power of imagination. EXPLORA I – and, starting in 2024, EXPLORA II and the rest of the growing fleet – is evidence that thinking differently to the status quo can result in something stunning. 


Every guest onboard has a Suite with a private terrace – giving you plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of proximity to the sea and its mysterious healing powers. 



When it comes to culinary exploration, you will find 18 restaurants, bars and lounges in which to gather, some indoors and some outdoors, each with its own intimate, immersive ambience. Entertainment and enrichment are designed to ignite discovery and joy, and offer what we call ‘the right vibe at the right time,’ meaning you can dip in or out of any experience you like, any time. There are no large theatres or productions on the ship, and there is no one large, ‘main’ dining space. Everything, from the breathtaking lobby reminiscent of the most coveted cosmopolitan hotels, to the hidden-gem hideaway nooks found on the upper decks outdoors, invites you to step in, be present, and rediscover your happiest self.



Ocean Wellness offers you the opportunity to balance wellness and self-care whilst travelling with us. Much more than a spa, and fully conceptualised and operated by Explora Journeys, this mindful programme aims to draw upon the oceans’ calming and revitalising influences. Facilities include a 270 sqm (2,906 sq ft) indoor and open-air fitness centre and fitness studio area, bespoke fitness classes in partnership with Technogym, and a range of disciplines that can both inspire and enhance at-home fitness practices, like functional strength training, Pilates Reformer classes, outdoor cycling and rowing. 


Complementing our Ocean Wellness programme are numerous activities that promote movement, like the sports court onboard and its touchtennis, pickleball and basketball offerings, and countless destination experiences that stimulate body, mind and spirit.  


And for the many travellers who find great contentment in relaxing poolside, EXPLORA I offers three outdoor pools, including one only for adults, and one indoor pool under a retractable glass roof – and poolside, 64 breathtaking cabanas. 


From poetry to essays, from research to opinion, countless pieces have been written on the power of imagination. British writer CS Lewis said, “You are never too old to…dream a new dream.” Scottish-American naturalist, author and environmental philosopher John Muir said, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” 


Imagination brought you nearly everything you see before you right now, wherever you are reading this. Imagination has likely played an immense role in your life – in where you are and where you still have yet to venture. 


We invite you to open yourself even further to the power of your own imagination. To discover your Ocean State of Mind. To realize that you have infinite potential. 


American novelist Toni Morrison said, “Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.” We have redefined luxury cruising, and we invite you to define your Ocean State of Mind.


Where will your Ocean State of Mind take you?



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