Explore The Ends Of The Earth with Silversea Expeditions

Explore the planet's most remote regions intimately, in luxurious style.

Thrilling, awe-inspiring, and humbling.

A Silversea expedition is about immersing yourself in the culture, landscape, and habitat of a region with the help of experts who can illuminate your destination.


Silversea's expedition ships sail to all seven continents so that you can experience everything from the lush rainforests of the equatorial Pacific to the polar extremes at the tip or toe of the world. But no matter where you go, you'll enjoy a uniquely immersive experience, expanding your global perspective and prompting you to re-evaluate what really matters. And rest assured - no creature comfort will be denied on an expedition cruise with Silversea.


Africa & Indian Ocean - Sculpted sand dunes, dazzling white beaches, wonderful wildlife, and crystal clear seas are just the start of this epic region.


Alaska - With glaciers the size of skyscrapers, bears as big as buses, and snow-capped mountains that stretch high into the heavens, Alaska is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.


Antarctica - A trip to Antarctica is on every travel lover’s wish list. Join an expedition and explore the legendary landscape of the white continent.


Arctic & Greenland - This region at the top of the world is where raw tundra and remote, beautiful landscapes take on a new meaning. Have your binoculars at the ready!


Asia - Asia is an incredible continent, full of delectable flavors and dazzling experiences. Discover this tantalizing region of past, present, and future.


Australia & New Zealand - Discover a realm of possibilities Down Under by exploring destinations to make you go wow, including the Kimberley, Tasmania, Sydney, and Auckland.


Canada & New England - From summer to fall, this is the region that redefines the meaning of big. From salt-licked cities to fabulous foliage, you can be sure that Canada and New England won’t disappoint.


French Polynesia & Pacific - Turquoise seas, white powder beaches, kaleidoscopic marine life and lush hinterland, French Polynesia & Pacific begs discovery.


Galápagos Islands - From discovering endemic flora and fauna to drinking in life-changing views, this region will dramatically transform your idea of travel.


Northern Europe & The British Isles - From raw, primal, and utterly invigorating landscapes to cool cities bursting with culture, Northern Europe and the British Isles is an evergreen region.


Kimberley - Discover a realm of possibilities Down Under by exploring destinations to make you go wow, including the Kimberley, Tasmania, Sydney and Auckland.


South America - Homing the world’s greatest extremes including the mighty Amazon River to mythic Rio to the bucket list Chilean Fjords, explore a continent where the unexpected is never a surprise.




Are you ready to discover the rush of the unknown with Silversea Expeditions?

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