Themed River Cruises with AmaWaterways

An exciting way to explore different parts of the world while immersing yourself in a specific interest or passion.

Unlike traditional river cruises that focus solely on sightseeing and relaxation, themed river cruises are designed around a particular theme or interest, such as wine, music, or history & culture.


Whether you're a foodie looking to sample local cuisine, a music lover, or a history buff interested in exploring specific cultures and heritages, there's a themed river cruise out there that caters to your unique interests.


Wine River Cruises

AmaWaterways invites you to indulge in one of their more than 60 exclusive “Celebration of Wine River Cruises” through Europe’s most celebrated wine regions. 


These thrilling wine-themed European sailings provide a unique and delicious dimension to already enticing itineraries—with enhanced epicurean experiences included in the price of the cruise.


Each of AmaWaterways Celebration of Wine River Cruises is hosted by an enthusiastic wine host who leads you through:

- Tastings and interactive discussions.

- Accompanies you on select shore excursions to vineyards and cellars.

- Helps curate a special food and wine pairing dinner on board.


Guided by their passion and expertise, you’ll delight in discovering one of the world’s most perfect trifectas: travel, wine and elegant cuisine.


Celebration of Classical Music River Cruise

A must experience journey for music enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the magic of classical melodies while enjoying a luxurious river cruise. This carefully curated cruise offers a unique and unforgettable experience that combines the pleasures of travel with the love of classical music.


Guests on this themed river cruise can look forward to a range of onboard and off board activities that revolve around classical music. These include:

- Live performances by world-renowned musicians.

- Talks and lectures by experts in the field.

- Visits to historic venues and museums.


Soulful Epicurean Experience River Cruises

This one-of-a-kind themed river cruise celebrates Black history and culture by combining the pleasures of travel with a focus on celebrating Black culture, cuisine, and history.


From soulful music performances and visits to historic sites to cooking classes and wine tastings featuring Black-owned wineries and culinary creations, the Soulful Epicurean Experience immerses guests in Black history and culture promises an unforgettable journey of discovery and celebration.

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