What's Included Aboard Virgin Voyages

Learn about all that is included on a Virgin Voyage.

Relaxed, flexible, and always authentic, Virgin Voyages are where laid-back tranquility meets exhilaration — seeing the world aboard 4 stunning, game-changing ships at sea. Exclusively adult for a reason; so you can disconnect from routine and reconnect with yourself. From unique restaurants with Michelin-star chef-curated menus to luxury inclusions, you’re not used to having taken care of for you. 

Always included on a Virgin Voyages Cruise

Food to elevate your mood - From comfort go-to’s to experimental cuisine, elaborate brunches to Korean BBQ are taken care of — no hidden tax, no pesky disclaimer, no crowded buffets or designated dining times. Plus, all food is sustainably sourced, made fresh-to-order, and always tasty. Go ahead, snap that pic (you know you want to) — because Virgin is picking up the bill.


Taken care of tipping - Virgin's Crew is knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly stylish — but mainly, the Crew is genuinely happy to help you make your vacation one of a kind. So get pampered, taste everything, and enjoy a drink (or two) knowing that all tips are covered. Cheers to that.


Free WiFi for all - Check in with your loved ones. Make new connections aboard. Or post that ice cream selfie before it melts. With WiFi included on every sailing, you can show off share the view with your home crew, find your newest best friends online or check in on your email because, let’s be honest, in this day and age, WiFi should be considered as essential as water.


Unlimited group workouts - For the 'do-nothings,' the 'do-somethings' and the 'do-literally-everythings' (you know who you are), Virgin has tons of group fitness classes on board so that you can see the world and keep your #FitnessGoals going. From sunrise yoga and outdoor boxing to a cycling studio and bungee workouts — you’ll have full access to classes and state-of-the-art gym equipment for unlimited opportunities to break a sweat. And if you’re not the working out kind, well, the views are nice from the gym.


All essential drinks - Hydration is key — especially on a sun-soaked, adventure-filled, energy-buzzing holiday at sea. Start your day with a drip coffee, quench your post-workout thirst with still and sparkling water, get a non-pressed juice by the pool, or find the perfect soda and end your day in paradise with your favorite bedtime tea. With all essential drinks already covered, you can recharge, free of charge.


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