An Ocean Journey of Joy and Kinship with Explora Journeys

Experience the special benefits of Multi-generational Travel as you explore the world together.  

Family, some say, is everything.

Indeed; for those who are fortunate enough to hold family relationships across multiple generations and branches, spending quality time together nurtures connection, a sense of belonging, and the creation of shared memories. That kind of travel—multi-generational, mixed-generational, skip-generational travel, one-on-one travel, all of it—is especially poignant in an environment that fosters relaxation, discovery, individuality, choice, and transformation.


Explora Journeys offers just such an experience. 


From its inception, Explora Journeys has sought to create spaces and moments that invite a sense of connection—with one’s self, with the sea, with a destination, and with one’s travel companions. From ship design features like a private terrace for every suite, three outdoor pools plus one indoor pool with a retractable roof, numerous private cabanas and open sunbed and lounge chair areas, expansive windows in restaurants, bars and lounges (and outdoor options for some of those), the sea is in one’s line of sight at nearly every turn.


Such proximity to the magical, mystical open horizon naturally invites introspection, tranquillity and wonder—all part of what Explora Journeys calls the Ocean State of Mind. 


Experiencing an Explora Journeys holiday as an individual or a couple and finding one’s Ocean State of Mind is transcendental; experiencing it as a group of beloved family members across generations is downright powerful.


Stepping, together, out of the everyday and into Explora Journeys’ vibrant, cosmopolitan relaxed European luxury at sea, is a chance to create memories together that are fully rooted in the present. 


Acclaimed novelist, short-story writer and children’s author Anita Desai’s quote, “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow,” holds truth for any one person who travels. Considered from the perspective of the shared experience of travelling with other generations—the idea that where you go together becomes a part of your togetherness somehow—this notion is especially impactful. 


Part of the richness of multi-generational travel is the difference in experience and perspective that members of a family can share with one another. Young children can share their wide-eyed awe with older family members. Adult children can get to know one another better. Grandparents may find themselves in a destination they dreamed about or visited when they were young and share those nostalgic moments with their families. 


Explora Journeys welcomes multi-generational families travelling together, and makes it easy for them to do so. 


With suites that interconnect, a Nautilus Club for kids and teenagers, and special destination experiences created to maximise enjoyment for all generations, families embarking on an ocean journey like no other on EXPLORA I—and, beginning in August 2024, EXPLORA II—can expect an inspiring experience leading to many wonderful memories.


Families can expect space and privacy thanks to EXPLORA I and EXPLORA II each offering 78 multi-generation-friendly connected suites available as Ocean Suites, Ocean Penthouses and Ocean Residences. In fact, this range of suite combinations means we can accommodate a variety of group sizes, ensuring a comfortable, effortless journey for all.



Onboard EXPLORA I and EXPLORA II, children may be most excited by their dedicated space, Nautilus Club, where certified expert hosts lead fun, enriching activities like art, tech tournaments, sport sessions, sustainability projects and more.


Kids and teens ages 6-17 can enjoy foosball and a multi-game table, a pool table crafted in Italy by MBM Biliardi, a modern jukebox tablet connected to online music streaming platforms, a big selection of board games and a digital library with books of different genres, in different languages.


Or they might love Explora Journeys’ ‘Silent Sweet Cinema’ evenings: kids’ movies screened by the Conservatory Pool, where children don comfortable headphones and munch on popcorn. Or maybe it’s outings from Nautilus Club to the Gelateria & Crêperie, led by a Nautilus host, for an afternoon treat.



For young foodies, perhaps it’s the exceptional array of offerings at Emporium Marketplace for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where every member of the family can select from an abundant, varied lineup of fresh housemade dishes inspired by global tastes. And, at any time of the day, the culinary team will be delighted to offer a variety of choices to accommodate the wishes of our little guests.


In addition to Emporium Marketplace, five more restaurants celebrate talents, cultures and passions, and the variety as well as the freedom of dining on your schedule, are ideal for the differences in tastes found across multi-generational groups


Explora's culinary and beverage experts bring together an abundance of experience and artistry to the curation of immersive dining experiences across distinctive themes such as Sakura’s Pan-Asian cuisine, Fil Rouge’s French-inspired international cuisine, Marble & Co. Grill’s redefined European steakhouse experience, Med Yacht Club’s celebration of Mediterranean flavours, and Anthology’s showcase of the world’s most celebrated guest chefs.


Also, In-Suite Dining in the privacy and comfort of your Home at Sea, and private dining and culinary classes at Chef’s Kitchen, plus treats found at Crema Café and Gelateria & Crêperie throughout the day, offer even more options for curious palates.



For families who want experiences designed to stimulate the mind and feed the soul, entertainment and enrichment are reimagined on EXPLORA I and EXPLORA II, with an emphasis on finding the right vibe for the right time. A diverse programme of enriching and delectable events designed to connect guests, hosts and luminaries offers guests spontaneous moments of joy, daily rituals or those which are scheduled by the movement of the moon—such as morning or sunset yoga sessions—and the sharing of expertise by our Luminaries, to enrich a sense of discovery and expansion.


And, an adults-only space, Helios Pool & Bar, offers a serene respite in the sunniest spot onboard. ‘Helios’ means sun in Greek, and this panoramically forward-facing venue on deck 12 invites adults to take calm moments of rest with a direct view of the sea, and the convenience of a bar to ensure refreshment is close at hand.


Ocean Wellness, whilst not for children, offers adult members of a family group numerous ways to focus on their well-being, through programmes and experiences inspired by the sea.

From spa treatments and the hydrothermal circuit to self-guided, privately guided or group experiences at the Fitness Centre, from Open-Air Fitness to the running track and sports courts, intentional relaxation and movement alike can invigorate one’s senses and lift one’s spirits, relieving stress and making them more present amongst their family members throughout the journey.  


On land, a series of Destination Experiences have been curated to be enjoyed by the whole family, ensuring that you create the most unforgettable moments together. These are immersive experiences that combine fun and discovery, such as a day at a farm, an archaeological exploration or a whale-watching adventure.


Explora Journeys has put so much time into creating programmes that make it easy for families and friend groups to travel together.


Several benefits and programmes recognise how much more rewarding it is to find one’s Ocean State of Mind together with one’s tribe. These include:


● Exceptional spaciousness throughout EXPLORA I and EXPLORA II

● Group programmes like Journey Together and Journey Together Gatherings

● 78 connecting suites on both EXPLORA I and EXPLORA II

● Generous third- and fourth-guest supplement fares

● A welcoming Solo Traveller programme; fares for solos start at 125% on select journeys—significantly lower than the 200% solo fares typically found throughout the industry

● Nautilus Club, a dedicated space with exciting, fun and interesting programming for children and teens

● Culinary offerings for every palate, with a sophisticated and varied collection of 18 distinct restaurants, bars and lounges created to celebrate global cooking talents, provenance and wholesome ingredients sourced by local partners.

● A reimagined approach to curated entertainment and enrichment at sea with unexpected—and, often, subtle—presentation of numerous experiences and interactions with enormously talented resident and guest artists, experts and luminaries.

● Destination Experiences that offer a myriad of different ways for travellers to explore the world—individually or together with their family group


With the wildly exhilarating discovery of just how mesmerising the ocean can be, as an individual, one can tap into their Ocean State of Mind. 


Travelling with multi-generational family members and sharing perspectives and interests whilst forging lifelong connections and memories with one another, creates a collective Ocean State of Mind.


The joy and kinship found in a multi-generational ocean journey is at the heart of Explora Journeys’ one-of-a-kind experiences. All are welcome, and all are invited to celebrate, together, the beauty of our world and the life-affirming experience of travelling in it. 


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