Nancy Ferragine

Experiential & Bespoke Travel - Toronto

Occasionally, I do get asked: "What made you get into the Travel Industry?"  My response has always remained the same: "Destiny!"

Growing up, I believed that my destined career would be in Interior Design.  The idea of designing people's dream homes was what I was sure (or at least I thought) I wanted to do.

The Travel Industry was NEVER what I imagined I would be part of.  What was supposed to be a summer job as a teenager, at my family's Travel Agency, eventually became my all-year round “job,” followed by a chosen career as a Travel Advisor.

Over the years, I have gained the greatest mentors, travelled and explored unique locales - both near and far from my home in Toronto, Canada and have met many extraordinary people in extraordinary places. 

All these great accomplishments have contributed to my genuine passion in Travel and most importantly, it has enriched my life on a personal and professional level.

Fast forward, nearly three decades later, I am continuing to do what I was always destined to do - Design!  However, it is not designing the dream homes of clients. It’s designing the dream travel experiences for my loyal clients.

Please allow me to design your dream travels!

My specialities: Experiential & Bespoke Travel; Niche Groups (including F1 Grand Prix Tours); Private Jet Holidays; Family & Multi-Generational Vacations + Safaris; River Cruises; Luxury Villa Stays & Glamping ...glamourous camping!

I can be reached directly at:  416.953.9423 or via email: nferragine@dt.com 


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