Shawn Kilner

ITA - Nanaimo (Imagine Cruise & Travel)

My passion for travel and adventure started when I was 12 years old and this love continues today. I  have lived and travelled in many different places around the world. Because of my travel and connections I have access to properties and itineraries around the globe, that helps me create a unique experience that clients can’t find online or plan themselves.

How about an escorted Galapagos expedition, a safari through Kenya and Tanzania, an Italian cooking & wine trip, travelling solo, cruising the Danube river in Germany, going through the locks of the Panama Canal, take in the Arctic, or maybe just a "fly and flop" beach holiday?

My focus is always about the experience, and ensuring my client, do something unique and memorable just for them!

I have owned and managed my travel agency for over 29 years and am an expert in (luxury) cruise travel and Building Memories!

Just a sample of the last few years travel:  Brazil ~ Amazon River Lodge ~ Bolivia ~ Egypt ~ Scandinavia ~ Myanmar

Experienced: A night canoe cruise to see animals in the Amazon ~ 4 x 4 on the Salt flats in Bolivia ~ spend the day on Lake Titicaca  ~ explored the Souk's of Cairo ~ saw the Pyramids at night ~ enjoyed 1st access to the Heratage in Russia ~ lighting candles at the Pagoda!

So what’s on your travel bucket wish list? Bring your travel questions and dreams! 

Thank you for entrusting me with your travels!

PS – Ask me about my ‘ruler’ plan.


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