Intrepid Travel Trip Styles

A trip style to suit every Intrepid traveler.

Every Intrepid small group adventure has been carefully designed to make sure you have an unforgettable travel experience. Over the years, they’ve developed several trip styles and a wider range of themes to cater to a diverse range of travelers. Take a look below to find out what your ideal Intrepid adventure might look like.


Basix: for travelers on a budget

Created for travelers of any age on a budget. Intrepid uses centrally locate accommodation, local transport where possible, and includes lots of free time. So you can do what suits your interests and fits into your budget, without paying for inclusions you don't want.


Accommodation: Simple, clean, and centrally located with 2 to 2.5- star average rating. Typical accommodations for this style include budget hotels, local guesthouses, camping, or homestays.


Transport: Mostly uses local transport, giving you a taste of local life and giving back to the local economy. Specialist overland and safari vehicles in some areas.


Inclusions: Plenty of free time and optional activities, so you can spend your time and money how you want to. Meals are normally not included, but your local leader will have some great recommendations!


Original: the classic Intrepid experience

Perfect choice for those who want both an independent experience and guided time. Original trips use centrally located, locally run accommodation and include some meals.


Accommodation: Local guesthouses and homestay experiences are highlighted on many itineraries and you may even have a camping experience from time to time. Expect 3-star accommodation on average.


Transport: Uses a mix of private and local transport like tuk-tuks, camels, private safari vehicles, and canoes. Whatever is the best and most sustainable way to get around. 


Inclusions: The perfect balance of free time and included activities. Local leaders will help you explore and discover things you might have not gotten to experience on your own. There are some meals included, but the rest are up to you!


Comfort: a bit more... comfortable

For those that enjoy more of the finer things in life. We've smoothed away some of the rougher edges that come with adventure travel. This way you can enjoy a more relaxed pace, inviting accommodations, more included activities and many meals along the way.


Accommodation: Hotels at a 3-to-4 star level, with private amenities but still plenty of local character. Some itineraries also feature homestays or unique accommodations.


Transport: Primarily uses private transport, sustainable where possible. Local transport is used when it adds to the experience, like hopping on a camel to ride through the Sahara.


Inclusions: This style takes the hassle out of traveling. We've included many activities, meals, and arrival transfer from the airport. Your experienced local leader will have plenty of great suggestions on how best to fill your free time.


Premium: higher-end adventures, the right way.

With handpicked accommodations, outstanding included experiences led by our most knowledgeable leaders. Premium trips are the sustainable choice for higher-end, locally-led travel.


Accommodation: Specially selected for location and quality at a 4-star level. All itineraries include a feature stay at an unforgettable and remarkable accommodation.


Transport: Primarily uses private transport, sustainable where possible. We use carbon-offset internal flights when we can, first-class trains, and comfortable 4x4s in Africa.


Inclusions: More included activities and extras compared to any other Intrepid trip, including tipping and arrival transfer. Breakfast is included every day, as are most lunches and dinners. You'll be led by our best local leaders.


No matter what style of travel you choose, you're sure to come back with memories to last a lifetime


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