Advantages of Embarking on a Luxury Jet Expedition

Comfy leather seats with plenty of legroom. Direct flights between destinations. All logistics handled. 

See and Do More Than You Ever Thought Possible on a Single Journey

TCS World Travel is the most awarded luxury jet expedition operator in the world and offers more than 20 annual journeys to places throughout the world. With our group jet expeditions, guests enjoy the advantages of traveling to hard-to-reach destinations with like-minded and globally curious travelers. TCS World Travel is also the well-respected operator for the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience - curated jet journeys to some of the most iconic destinations, staying in Four Seasons properties throughout.

The well-appointed A321 aircraft offers so much more than the comfort of flatbed seats, the reliability of a new plane and in-air connectivity - it also becomes a welcoming home away from home during your travels.


There is also a time savings – you can fly direct between destinations on your luxury private jet, avoiding layovers. This allows you to maximize time immersed in local cultures.


With a cabin crew that is with you on every leg of your journey, they get to know you, what you like (or dislike) to make travel between destinations an experience.


On all TCS jet trips, they have an onboard chef who can make accommodations for food allergies or dietary requirements and a dedicated physician for peace of mind.


We help navigate via application processes and complete custom forms on your behalf so all you have to do is sign.


Of course, you just show up at our departure terminal and we take care of your baggage every step of the way – allowing you to focus on your experience without distractions.


Luxury Group Tours by Private Jet provide you with concierge-style service from the moment we greet you throughout your entire trip.


I really started to feel attached to the jet as “our home”. I felt completely cared for and was provided every little thing that I might need.- a TCS World Travel guest


TCS A321 Private Jets are Best-In-Class

  • Largest cabin by height and width of any single-aisle aircraft
  • Custom Italian leather flatbed seats with full bedding allow you to completely recharge on longer flights
  • 6.5 to 1 guest to cabin crew ratio
  • Hospital-grade air filtration system
  • Burns 30% less fuel than a Boeing 757, for a lower carbon footprint
  • Industry-leading range allows for over 8 hours of uninterrupted travel
  • WiFi and inflight entertainment available via provided tablets or your personal devices
  • Enhanced enrichment system for live in-flight presentations from trip experts

The TCS World Travel Airbus 321 state-of-the-art aircraft is the next step forward as they continue to innovate new ways to explore life-list destinations around the globe. Take a look at some of our most popular Luxury Private Jet Group Tours to the right (below on mobile).

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Photography courtesy of TCS World Travel and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts


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