Oceania Shares New 2025 Mediterranean Cruises

Whether you seek to rediscover previously visited favorites or explore new places for the first time, this new selection of voyages is a perfect fit.


Sun-soaked islands sprinkled across the Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic Seas. Beloved European resort towns and bustling cities. Hidden gems waiting to be discovered in lesser-known ports of call. Oceania Cruises’ array of new 2025 Mediterranean sailings, ranging from nine to 56 days, promises to whisk guests to some of the most breathtaking destinations in Europe. Whether you seek to rediscover previously visited favorites or explore new places for the first time, this new selection of voyages is perfect for uncovering the timeless, ever-enchanting allure of the Mediterranean.



Soul of Civilization: May 26, 2025, 9 Days

Barcelona to Athens aboard Marina

The Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic seas are home to a kaleidoscope of classical temples, mosques and archaeological sites that are the cradle of Western civilization.

Voyage Highlights:

- Walk in the footsteps of St. Paul on an excursion to ancient Ephesus

- An overnight in Istanbul allows time to experience an authentic belly dancing show\

Echoes of Antiquity: July 27, 2025, 12 Days

Istanbul to Athens aboard Nautica

Appreciate the intriguingly intertwined histories of Greece and Turkey as you experience some of antiquity’s most fabled sites.

Voyage Highlights:

- Experience 11 ports, including the islands of Cyprus and Crete

- Enjoy a full day in whitewashed Santorini, the quintessential Greek island


Blissful Mediterranean: August 8, 2025, 14 Days

Athens to Rome aboard Nautica

Indulge in a panorama of Mediterranean highlights, from the walled cities of Dubrovnik and Valletta to glamorous Monte Carlo, Portofino and Montenegro.

Voyage Highlights:

- In Tunisia, be sure to visit the ancient ruins of Carthage

- Venture to Florence on an optional full-day excursion from Livorno


Civilization’s Dawn: September 11, 2025, 14 Days

Athens to Valletta aboard Nautica

Experience two glorious weeks roaming the Eastern Mediterranean, absorbing the distinctive cultures and timeless shores of luminous Greece and enigmatic Turkey.

Voyage Highlights:

- Did you know that the island of Lesbos is renowned for its ouzo?

- Enjoy an overnight in Istanbul – at the crossroads of Europe and Asia


Hellenic Havens: October 16, 2025, 11 Days

Istanbul to Athens aboard Marina

Soak up the splendor of island life in Cyprus, Crete and the sun-splashed Cyclades. Explore Bodrum, home to the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

Voyage Highlights:

- Rest up from your transatlantic flight with an overnight on board in Istanbul

- We don’t sail until 10 pm so you can enjoy sunset cocktails in Santorini


Mediterranean Vignettes: October 27, 2025, 11 Days

Athens to Barcelona aboard Marina

A remarkable medley of delights awaits, including alluring Dalmatian coastal gems, popular Greek, Italian and Spanish islands, plus lesser-visited Malta and Tunisia.

Voyage Highlights:

- Did you know the old town, the fortifications, and Bay of Kotor have been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO?

- In Palma, the Almudaina Palace and Plaza Mayor are as impressive as the cuisine



For those with more time to explore and soak up the ambiance, history and culture that is the Mediterranean, we have an alluring array of longer Grand Voyages during the summer and fall of 2025, ranging from 23 days to an incredible 56-day odyssey.


Epic East Mediterranean: July 7, 2025, 46 Days

Rome to Rome aboard Nautica

Weave amid the ancient jewels of Greece, Turkey and Italy, the fortified medieval cities of the Adriatic and the glamorous resorts of the French and Italian rivieras on a thorough exploration of the Eastern Mediterranean.


Mediterranean Traveler: July 17, 2025, 36 Days

Venice to Rome aboard Nautica

Sail the Mediterranean to enticing ports in Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, France and more. Relish two overnights in Istanbul to explore its fascinating historical and cultural attractions.


Eternal Rivieras: August 8, 2025, 34 Days

Athens to Athens aboard Nautica

Mingle among the jet-set in Monte Carlo and Capri, roam the sun-drenched streets of Mykonos and Santorini, and delve into the region’s absorbing history in Venice, Florence, Rome and Istanbul.


Mediterranean Memories: September 11, 2025, 26 Days

Athens to Malaga aboard Nautica

Roam this storied sea, touching upon fun-loving Greek islands, archaeological marvels and chic beach resorts. Uncover the cultural riches of Rome, Florence and Barcelona.


Edge of the Ancient World: September 11, 2025, 36 Days

Athens to Lisbon aboard Nautica

The weather in Southern Europe is near perfect in September and October. In five weeks, explore 10 unique countries, including exotic Morocco and the untamed Canary Islands.


Aegean Vistas: October 4, 2025, 23 Days

Rome to Athens aboard Marina

Discover la dolce vita of Italy, whitewashed Greek island villages and fascinating Turkish treasures. With two nights in Istanbul, you can also uncover the historical and cultural appeal of this crossroads where East meets West.


Antiquity to America: October 4, 2025, 56 Days

Rome to Miami aboard Marina

Prepare for an extraordinary eight-week odyssey. Meander the classical antiquity scattered throughout Greece, Turkey, Italy and North Africa. Call at storied ports in Croatia, Malta, Spain and a bevy of Atlantic and Caribbean islands.


Hallowed & Historic Lands: October 16, 2025, 22 Days

Istanbul to Barcelona aboard Marina

Visit monumental cities and Hellenic destinations steeped in history, plus Dalmatian coastal resorts, Sicily, Malta and breezily elegant Mallorca. Your adventure begins with an overnight in beguiling Istanbul.


Ottomans & Idyllic Isles: October 16, 2025, 32 Days

Istanbul to Santa Cruz de Tenerife aboard Marina

This unique voyage takes you from the cradle of civilization to the wild landscapes of the Canary Islands. Along the way, marvel at archaeological treasures from the Roman Empire, browse colorful souks and trek to volcanic calderas.


Which Mediterranean journey is calling out to you? 

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