Venture Far and Wide on a Seabourn expedition

On a Seabourn expedition, you don’t just visit extraordinary places, you live them with all your senses.

Built For Expeditions And Exploring

Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit are luxury cruise ships designed and built for exploring in elegance and ease in the most coveted destinations on Earth. These intimate ships with spacious accommodations will escort you on your adventure - featuring ocean-front suites, world-class dining, and a luxurious spa.


Explore the British Isles, the Arctic, Iceland, South America, Antarctica, and much more. Along the way, board a Zodiac® for close-up views of wildlife, kayak among stately icebergs and tropical islands, or adventure beneath the surface of the sea. On a Seabourn expedition, you don’t just visit extraordinary places, you live them with all your senses.



Voyage into the glistening, iceberg-flanked waterways to catch a rare look at local wildlife. The world’s southernmost continent is an underexplored area that many seasoned travelers still have left unchecked on their to-visit list.



Kayak over seasonally flooded forests, where you’ll find sloths, howler monkeys and colorful birds. Cruise in a Zodiac to see river life on a caboclo buffalo farm. Singular experiences to be had in one of the world’s most wild and wonderful places.



From icy blue waters to a rare look at a narwhal, ivory gull or polar bear, the Arctic is a place of pristine beauty. A Seabourn Arctic Expedition puts this distant world right at the fingertips of adventure-seeking travelers.



This elusive sea corridor has captivated explorers’ minds since the 15th century. Now you can traverse this fabled passage on an Arctic expedition voyage with Seabourn.



The South Seas, where a vast string of island gems lie awash in vibrant colors—emerald peaks, sapphire lagoons, black pearls, shimmering white sands. 



The northernmost region of Western Australia is one of the oldest and most remote places on Earth dating back some 50,000 years.


Where will you choose to venture on a Seabourn expedition? 


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