Why the Yukon Should be on Your Must-See Travel List

Why should the Yukon be on your travel “must-do” list? Read on to find out why you should include the Yukon.

Holland America Line’s Cruisetours combine an Alaska cruise with an overland to Denali National Park. Extended Cruisetours also include a visit to the Yukon where guests can visit Whitehorse, northern Canada’s largest city, and Dawson City where the frontier spirit is strong. In the Yukon, the region’s Gold Rush history shines as bright as the treasure the Stampeders came in search of, not to mention the abundance of natural wonders.


If you want to take an Alaska cruise and also visit the riches of the Yukon, Holland America Line remains the only cruise line to take you into this remarkable region. Why should the Yukon be on your travel “must-do” list? Read on to find out why you should include the Yukon on your Holland America Line Cruisetour.



In Dawson City, guests can visit this operating placer gold mine located in the historic gold fields of the famous Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. Learn how placer mining is done and how to stake a claim, then learn about selling the gold the miners discover and compare the historical methods to the modern technologies. You’ll have an opportunity to try your hand at gold panning in the creek. There is no guarantee that you’ll find gold as you’ll take your chance just like the old-timers did! Will you find the lucky strike or head home empty-handed? Either way, you will enjoy this great local tour of the Klondike gold fields!



Experience some of the most amazing landscapes the Yukon has to offer as you enjoy a scenic view along the Dempster. If you are lucky, you may see wildlife while enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. After venturing out into the wilds of the Yukon, your tour will stop at the Tombstone Interpretive Centre where you will have the opportunity to unwind while wandering through the new exhibits and have a chance to talk with park rangers. Then, hit the trails for a one-hour guided flat terrain hike along the North Klondike River or a more challenging hike up the Goldensides Trail to a fantastic lookout point. Your guide will explain how the landscape has been shaped by permanent ice flows.



From Whitehorse, the abundant natural wonders of the region can be experienced at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. The unique wildlife viewing property features 11 species of northern Canadian mammals in their natural environment, encompassing over 700 acres with various natural habitats. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve offers unparalleled wildlife viewing and photo opportunities of moose, red and Arctic fox, wood bison, woodland caribou, muskox, elk, Canada lynx, and more.



Inside Canada’s first and most unique casino, let Diamond Tooth Gertie entertain you with her unbelievable voice and high-stepping Can-Can dancers. Step back to a time when Diamond Tooth Gertie enticed the Stampeders to bet away their pokes and be entertained while you do the same. And if you are feeling lucky, once the show is done, you can try your luck at blackjack, roulette poker, or slot machines!

Fun fact: The gambling hall opened in 1971 and was named after a dancehall girl who had a diamond between her teeth.



Much like Anne of Green Gables is to Prince Edward Island, so is famed author Jack London to the Klondike. In Dawson City, fans of London can visit the Jack London Museum and see a replica of where he lived while calling the Klondike home in 1897. This replica is built from half of the logs from London’s original cabin, which was located on the North Fork of Henderson Creek; the other half resides in London’s hometown of Oakland, California. The “White Fang” author lived in the area and spent time as a Yukon gold seeker, and a visit to the museum shows his life before, during and after the Klondike Gold Rush.



At the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, the brave can join the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. The alcoholic cocktail is served with a mummified human toe, and those who drink the cocktail and touch their lips to the toe become a member of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. This tradition began in the 1970s after Dick Stevenson, a riverboat captain, found a preserved toe in an old cabin.


Are you ready to check the Yukon off your must-see travel list?



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