Experience More In Europe With Norwegian Cruise Line

When you cruise Europe with Norwegian, you’ll unpack once and wake up to a new, iconic city nearly every day.

Experience the best of Europe on the most port-rich itineraries with Norwegian.

When you cruise Europe with Norwegian, you’ll unpack once and wake up to a new, iconic city nearly every day. Their itineraries are designed to provide longer port hours and less sea days to truly allow guests the opportunity to dive into the cultures and destinations they are visiting. With the most port-rich itineraries and overnight stays, you’ll have plenty of time to explore. Take a ride down one of Copenhagen’s canals. Soak in a stunning sunset in Santorini. Or stroll through a vineyard in Tuscany — with a glass of wine in hand! Want to feel like a local? The Go Local shore excursions in over 70 ports let you immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and culture with a small, intimate group.


Combine all this with spectacular onboard entertainment, luxurious spa services and no set dining times, and you’re bound for a good time.


Which Europe Cruise is Right for You?

If you long to learn about the history of a certain town or city, a European cruise vacation with Norwegian is the ideal way to embark on a history-intensive experience. 


And Europe is perfect for all types of travelers, especially for families. You'll find plenty of adventure, history, and delicious eats. Many of the ports you can choose from will delight everyone, from your youngest child to the difficult teenager. For those who are interested in Greek mythology — and what kid didn't go through a myths and monsters phase — Greece is the ultimate place to visit for younger folks who love antiquity and mythology.


Northern European Cruises Full of Culture and Beauty

Cruise to Northern Europe and witness a diverse variety of cultures, splendid palaces, history and unbelievable natural beauty, all while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of cruising with Norwegian. You will sail through the Baltic as Viking explorers once did, visiting Sweden, Denmark, and Finland along the way. Choose to cruise through the marvelous Fjords of Norway – you’ll be spellbound by the spectacular scenery in Geiranger – some of the most beautiful scenic cruising experiences in the world. Or choose to journey through some of Europe’s greatest hits including England, Scotland, Ireland, and France. See where John Knox preached when you tour St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, follow in the footsteps of St. Patrick in Belfast, immerse yourself in history when you visit the D-Day Landing Beaches in Normandy and be filled with Irish history when you tour Dublin's Castle and Trinity Library. 


And maybe try Norwegian's new Go Local immersive experience in Helsinki Finland, on Helsinki Through the Eyes of a Local. Experience local life by exploring food markets, sampling Finnish cuisine and strolling a serene waterfront park.


See Iconic Landmarks Up Close on a Mediterranean Cruise

Explore the sights, sounds and flavors of different cultures – all on your own terms. Visit a wide variety of ports – from glorious Rome, to glamorous Cannes, all while enjoying the freedom and flexibility Norwegian offers. Travel through the coast of Italy while indulging in traditional flavors and admiring iconic landmarks. Discover Barcelona's unique Catalan identity while taking in its stunning architecture and delectable dining.


Taking a Mediterranean Cruise can be one of the most exciting and interesting journeys to embark on, whether you're on a romantic trip with your significant other or on a relaxing getaway with your family. Norwegian Cruise Line offers departure ports from Barcelona, Venice (Trieste), and Rome, so be sure to browse these cities and historical marvels before you set sail and go on your way.


Whether it's your first or fifth time in the Mediterranean, there is always something new and beautiful to discover in this stunning part of the world. In addition to more frequented ports, you will get to uncover hidden gems like you’ll find along the Adriatic Sea when you explore Croatia's Dalmatian Coast. With stops in ports like Dubrovnik and Split, there are a number of ways to explore Croatia, whether you are looking for outdoor adventure, to explore the local gastronomy, or just to relax on a beautiful beach.


Dubrovnik, a magnificent walled city on Croatia's southern Adriatic coast, is often called "the Pearl of the Adriatic." As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik's old town features narrow limestone streets lined with well-preserved, orange-roofed buildings and ornate market squares. The medieval walls are still intact and completely surround the city. The walls stretch just over 6,300 feet and have 16 strategically placed watchtowers. Dubrovnik has landed on more travelers' radar thanks to its role as King's Landing in the television series "Game of Thrones." Head into the oldest section of Dubrovnik to see the fictional capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Some key sites include the Lovrijenac Fortress, which is located just outside the medieval walls. Called Dubrovnik's Gibraltar, this fortress dates back to the 11th century and represents Blackwater Bay in the series. Or choose one the many immersive experiences like the Dubrovnik, Village and Wine Tasting tour where you’ll discover historical Dubrovnik and visit a traditional family home while learning local customs, tasting specialties, and enjoying Dalmatian music.


The city of Split dates to around 295 A.D. and cruise passengers can choose from a wide number of excursions which allow passengers to explore the culture and history of the region. Make sure to visit Diocletian Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built at the turn of the fourth century A.D. and was designed to be a retirement spot for Roman emperor Diocletian. You will also recognize it as a Game of Thrones filming location.


The Adriatic Sea lends itself to plenty of on-the-water adventures. Book an adventurous excursion where you can go kayaking around the Lapad Peninsula. For something more low key, consider a sailing and beach break excursion where you will sail along Dubrovnik's Old Town and then stop on either Copacabana Beach or Sunset Beach. Or in Split, travel to visit the famous Skradinski Buk Waterfalls in beautiful Krka River National Park, featuring 17 natural cascades.


A Greek Island Cruise With The Best Cruise Line

Take in the best of the Greek Isles on a cruise with Norwegian. Explore the mainland and witness ancient history like the one-and-only Acropolis in Athens, a citadel more than 2,500 years old and still a fixture of the city’s skyline. Travel to the Greek Isles for rich culture and picturesque sun-drenched beaches of the once-powerful empire. Sip a glass of ouzo at a charming hillside tavern in Santorini, admiring the whitewashed houses and signature brilliant blue trim that matches perfectly with the Aegean Sea. Amble the narrow winding streets of picturesque Mykonos, famous for its scenic beauty. Or take a walking tour of the old fortified city of Rhodes and stand in awe of the impressive Grand Master’s Palace.


Santorini's awe-inspiring cliffs are a classic image of Greece, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and culture. In the village of Oia, stroll through the charming streets lined with white-washed buildings and blue-domed churches. Relax on one of the island's unique beaches, such as Red Beach, characterized by its striking red sand and volcanic rock formations, or Perissa Beach, known for its black volcanic sand. Or consider an educational excursion here to the excavations of Akrotiri or stop by one of the area's famous wine tasting sites.


Explore the island of Mykonos and its famed whitewashed homes and beautiful beaches. Or consider a tour to the island of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can learn about the mythical birthplace of the God Apollo and Goddess Artemis while you tour the ruins of this region.


While cruising to Greece, take the Best of Corfu excursion with a special stop at the Achilleion Palace. Imagine driving through the countryside with lush lemon and olive trees. You'll arrive in the charming village of Gastouri where the Achilleion Palace stands. Its beautiful gardens, full of exotic flowers and the imposing figure of Achilles dominating the center, offers magnificent views of the Ionian Sea. 


In addition to visiting multiple European countries in one trip, you will also have all of Norwegian's cruise amenities and activities at your fingertips. Spend time exploring dozens of onboard dining options, witnessing world-class talent during nightly shows, trying your hand at the casino, or just spending a day relaxing poolside. No matter how you decide to spend your upcoming European vacation when you add a Norwegian cruise into the mix, you'll be left with unforgettable memories.


Discover Europe Your Way with the flexibility that Norwegian offers! 


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