Stray the Course with Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways delivers unparalleled experiences and boundless exploration, putting you in the captain’s seat to navigate your journey, fuel your passions, and steer clear of the unexpected as you cruise down the world’s most memorable and mesmerizing European waterways.

The best things in life are free. Floating through time and timeless scenery is no doubt one of the most luxurious ways to see the world. Yet on an Avalon cruise, we believe the greatest luxury is freedom – the freedom to wake up to a world of possibilities, the freedom to personally design your days of discovery, and the freedom to pursue your passions at your desired pace. Avalon goes beyond the one-size-fits-all itineraries and traditional sightseeing of other cruise lines to offer engaging new ways to see the Old World. 


Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose a river cruise with Avalon Waterways:


Spectacular Scenery and Iconic Landmarks: A Visual Feast Awaits! 

River cruises are all about exploring inland waterways, which means that the scenery is constantly changing. The views from the ship are often breathtaking, with rolling hills, medieval castles, and charming villages along the riverbanks. On a river cruise, you'll also have the opportunity to visit historic landmarks, museums, and local markets.


Immerse Yourself: The Allure of Intimate River Cruising 

One of the biggest advantages of river cruising is the intimate experience it offers. River cruise ships are smaller and more intimate than ocean liners, which means there are fewer passengers on board. Avalon’s ships average just 150 guests. This makes for a more personal and relaxed atmosphere. You'll have the chance to get to know your fellow passengers, and you'll also have more opportunities to interact with the crew.


Whim-powered Cruising. Pack Your Passions & Curate Your Curiosities

Avalon has curated a collection of the most intriguing experiences for total immersion – both on board and off. With as many as 28 included excursions on our cruising itineraries, the compass is in the palm of cruisers’ hands to choose any direction they desire. 

Avalon Choice presents guests with a variety of “Active,” “Discovery” and “Classic” excursions and onboard activities each day to go their own way.  Whether travelers want to walk in the footsteps of legends, bike down the street like a local or hike through postcard-perfect settings, Avalon’s selection of included daily outings and optional excursions invite guests to further personalize their experience to suit their interests and passions.

And, for those cruisers looking for a break from the ordinary, but not from their extraordinary interests, Avalon offers a robust lineup of “special interest” cruises. From beer to wine to history, music and Christmas cruises, Avalon’s “special interest” itineraries complement stories with stout, history with harmony and impressions with impressionism.


How Suite It Is 

Avalon’s boutique-hotel-inspired Panorama Suites feature the industry’s only Open-Air Balconies with 11-foot wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows that open 7-feet wide and decadent Comfort Collection beds that face the ever-changing scenery. 

These innovative Open-Air Balconies blur the line between outside and in while forming a comfortable and spacious seating area for six and creating an open invitation to discover and dream. Even better?  Open-Air Balconies do not sacrifice room space.  In contrast, they invite our guests to enjoy 100 percent of their Panorama Suite, 100 percent of the time. Here, guests can enjoy morning coffee with one castle or two.


A World of Culinary Delights 

Avalon delivers a culinary experience as delectable as our sweet sails down the river. From craft cocktails and regional wines to inspired menus and artisanal dishes, Avalon fuels every gastronomical journey with a beautiful balance of local flavor and worldly flair. 

·       Farm-to-fork flavor. Fresh. Organic. Local. While guests take in the lush countryside panoramas, our innovative chefs bring the passing view to their plates.

·       Grape-to-glass glory. The river may move us, but it’s the locally crafted Burgundies, Viogniers and Rieslings that flow with every meal.

For health-conscious travelers, Avalon turned the table on traditional cruise dining. From delivering delicious, heart-healthy artisanal dishes inspired by brotherly love (Viennese chefs Karl & Leo Wrenkh) through Avalon Fresh to offering energizing juices at breakfast, artfully crafted salads at lunch and high-protein plates at dinner, guests can guiltlessly partake in creative cuisine without sacrificing flavor.

And Avalon’s menu of dining venues is as diverse as the cruising cuisines we serve. Whether guests are in the mood for the elegance of the glass-walled Panorama Dining Room, the coziness of the Panorama Bistro, the breeziness of the Sky Grill or the simple allure of our Panorama Suite, we have the perfect table.


Get your Heartrate Up: Wellness Opportunities 

River cruises are also known for their wellness opportunities. Avalon’s fleet of Suite Ships have a hot tub on the Sky Deck, fitness center, complimentary bicycles, Nordic walking sticks, and an Adventure Host. Avalon’s Adventure Hosts are trained experts knowledgeable and passionate about the regions where the river cruises travel. They are equipped to lead activities such as yoga, hiking, kayaking, and biking tours. They are an essential part of the Avalon Waterways experience, providing guests with a unique and enriching way to explore the world's waterways.


100% On Board with Sustainability 

Avalon Waterways is committed to enhancing the cruising experience while reducing the impact on the world. Taking sustainability to greater depths, Avalon is conserving energy, saving water and limiting waste production across operations, dining and housekeeping on each and every ship. Devoted to reducing, recycling and repurposing at every turn, Avalon’s list of green practices is longer than the blue Danube.

Terms & Conditions

Please note: Shore excursions are often subject to availability, so please call your travel advisor for the latest shore excursions on each voyage.


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