Expeditions of a Lifetime with
Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? 

Think expeditions are about slogging through rough terrain and less than luxurious accommodations?  Today expedition travel is more accessible and comfortable than ever before. Purpose-built, modern ships take you around the world from the far reaches of the arctic regions, Japan, the coastal regions of Europe, the Galapagos, and beyond in unparallel comfort, while retaining their adventurous roots. 


About Lindblad Expeditions : Welcome to a culture of discovery 

Discovery is part of the Lindblad DNA. They’ve been at this for 50 years. The collaboration between their masterful Captains and experienced expedition leaders creates unprecedented opportunities for guests. 


The Experience on board National Geographic Endeavour II 


National Geographic Endeavour II accommodates 96 passengers in 52 outside cabins. All feature ocean views, private facilities, climate controls, and hair dryers, plus Ethernet, Wi-Fi connections, and USB ports for mobile devices. Choose from suites on two decks, plus connecting cabins and triples are available for families and friends. 


Cuisine on board - Sustainably Sourced 

Lindblad Expeditions is committed to buying fresh, locally-sourced food. The heart of their culinary program is a strong sustainable seafood policy. Using a holistic approach, every species is assessed to ensure that only the most sustainable options are served, with the aim of keeping the ocean healthy and fish stocks replenished.  


Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic is also dedicated to supporting local communities in their responsible fishing efforts as well as raising awareness among staff, crew, guests, suppliers, and the travel industry at large about the importance of making informed food choices. 


Your Expedition Team 

Each wild corner of the planet Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic sails to offers different and unique experiences. Every team member is a top pro in their field or under the mentorship of one. They are personable, and most have been exploring the region you’re sailing to for decades. The team composition changes not only to suit the type of exploration taking place, but also to offer a multitude of personalities and backgrounds, so you can choose who you’d like to explore with each day.  


Activities Included in Your Expedition 

- All excursions 

- Zodiac, paddleboard & kayak explorations 

- Snorkeling, including wetsuits, masks, fins & snorkel where relevant 

- Presentations and guest speakers in the lounge 

- Fitness Centre and Wellness Spa 

- The best expedition team in the business

- National Geographic Global Explorers program for kids and teens

- Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic certified photo instructors and National Geographic Photography Experts on select voyages


Terms & Conditions

Contact a travel advisor regarding an expedition with Lindblad Expeditions -National Geographic.


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