Why Go Guided with Collette

Top 5 Reasons to explore the world on a guided tour

Choosing Collette comes with benefits that take your travel experience to another level.


1 - Worry-Free Experience: You can relax knowing every detail has been taken care of. You will be staying in comfortable accommodations, experiencing enjoyable dining, and visiting renowned sites and attractions. Plus have lots of time to explore on your own.


2 - Best Overall Travel Value: Collette’s bulk buying power allows them to pass savings on to their travelers.


3 - Experienced Tour Managers: Collette’s Tour Managers are part tour guide, part concierge, and part friend. Their expert knowledge and practical experience make travel more enriching and fun. 


4 - Learn What Only the Locals Know: Collette knows the destinations because they've been there before. Their team can help you find the best bets and little-known secrets about a place that travelers on their own may pass by. 


5 - Exciting Itineraries: Since 1918 Collette’s itineraries have been developed to help you maximize your time and take in the very best sights and attractions. Today they operate 172 tours traveling to 62 countries over 7 continents. 


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